“Wayfarer, there is no path. The path is made by walking "(Antonio Machado)

In the midst of the second wave, the scientific committee of the festival has decided to dedicate the next event to travel and pilgrimage, with the hope that soon this evil will be defeated and we can return to travel, see the world, meet faith and diversity. The Festival wants to get back in motion, faithful to its nomadic soul, and reflect with the public and the many international guests on the power of the journey of faith, experienced precisely as a discovery and encounter not only of other faiths but of a deeper and more authentic spirituality. This is the meaning of our research: an itinerary aimed at exploring and creating oneself, not the quick landing of pre-packaged answers. We propose the usual exploration of differences after a year of closure and apathy. Let's get back on the road with a backpack full of hope and ready for a dutiful confrontation with the other realities that make up the mosaic of today's society, wounded by an unprecedented health emergency but in which solidarity and heroism were on the agenda to defeat the virus of selfishness.

Exploring the differences

Since 1997 Religion Today has been the foremost international and itinerant film festival dedicated to Cinema and Religions for a culture of peace and dialogue between faiths, cultures, peoples and individuals.

It promotes a journey “exploring the differences”, both in religious practices and beliefs and in cinematic styles and languages, towards a mutual enrichment through reciprocal knowledge and comparison.

Together with the world cinema competition, open to any film with a religious connection, it offers a platform for exchanging ideas and viewpoints, including a “living workshop” involving filmmakers of different faiths and nationalities.

Every edition presents an “annual theme” and includes special events, academic panels and activities for schools and colleges.

Religion Today Film Festival is realized by Associazione BiancoNero, situated in Trento - Italy.