Monday, 2 June, 2014

We are very excited to present you Face to Face, a project aimed at connecting different groups of students from the Leonardo Da Vinci High School in Trento (Italy) and from the Hope High School in Beit Jala (Palestine). 

Let's join together, the first step is starting right now with an online meet up where the groups can get to know each other, hoping for a meeting in Italy or Palestine literally face to face!
Why Italy and why Palestine? Because we believe that is crucial today to provide actual platforms where the youth can share a journey together, especially from regions so different both geographically and culturally. 
Face to Face wants to bridge the distance between Trento and Beit Jala, establishing a friendly and engaging partnership through dialogue, helping in overcoming stereotypes and ideological prejudices, supporting and deepening understanding of the challenges our globalized world is facing. The students will exchange short self-introductions of themselves, start a dialogue, tell the others stories about who they are and what they like, share their journey together. And most important of all, they will learn not to keep anything to themselves, and to take nothing for granted!