Thursday, 8 October, 2015

One drop, then another, then another... We start by creating a puddle, then maybe we can grow it into a charming pond. Don’t get disencouraged by the sea of “wrongs” out there, if we all created our own little puddles of “right” we might just stand a chance!

Special guest of the 18th Religion Today Film Festival will be the Israeli Arab singersongwriter and actress Mira Awad, who will take part in the festival's opening ceremony on Friday 9 October, 8.45 pm at the Teatro San Marco in Trento. Her presence in the Trentino region will be made the most of across a special programme of meetings with the press, the public and schools as well. 

For ten days Trento will once again host the core of the first international festival dedicated to dialogue between cinema and religion, aiming at "celebrating our differences" through 55 films from 27 countries in 7 competitive categories. This edition will host around 40 announced guests – eminent filmakers, critics and scholars, and moreover, it will offer additional events at different locations such as the Public Library. The festival days will also include the works of our International Jury composed of eminent directors, organizers and critics and an international conference on Cinema and Diversity.

Stay Tuned!