Saturday, 18 October, 2014

Announced the winners of the XVII edition!

The International Jury, SIGNIS Jury and Special Juries have chosen the winning films of the 2014 Religion Today Film Festival. Today, Saturday 18 October 2014, at 21.00, the Prizes will be awarded to the winners at the Teatro San Marco in Trento.

In awarding the different Prizes, the juries especially appreciated the sheer variety of styles and themes represented at the Festival, from interreligious coexistence, originally presented in an Italian-style comedy, to art house cinema played against the subtle exploration of situations and feelings, and documentaries which tell of the desire for dialogue without hiding the complexities it poses, dialogue between religions, religious institutions, the pleas and challenges posed by civil society also on themes such as sexuality and gender issues.

For all the details and the list of the winning films please to refer to the press release and to the Awards Section.