Sunday, 1 June, 2014

While the work continues on the 2014 summer programme, BiancoNero keeps building relationships with those who deal with cinema, and dialogue between religions and cultures all over the world. This year Religion Today has been requested to become a partner of the first edition of the Fresco International Film Festival, which will have place from June 21to July 6 in Yeravan and in other locations in Armenia: it is an annual festival of “Modern Art and Spiritual and Moral Films” that promotes discussion about film of every genre and kind "in which wars, violence, national, religious and any other types of discrimination, ecological disasters of human origin are denounced, and where peace, tolerance, humanism and global values are advocated".

Several films from the past editions of Religion Today have been selected for this new project based on an informal approach which will become part of the everyday lives of Armenians for 10 days, going beyong cinema theatres and proposing outdoor free entrance screenings in the streets, in public places, in campsites. Religion Today artistic director Katia Malatesta will be one of the jury members called to assign the awards for “Best message of peace”, “courage”, “humanity” etc. as well as the Grand prix award “The damaged needs to recover” named after the Fresco's Festivals title for this year. For religion Today this is a new proof of the vitality of its mission, and that its approach is still capable of meeting needs and interests starting from the urgency of promoting a culture of peace everywhere in the world.