Sunday, 4 October, 2015

Religion Today has its 18th birthday.

Reaching a goal step after step, between visions, enthusiasm, steps forward and steps backwards, not without difficulty and “growth crisis”, with the kind help of old and new fellow travellers, always trying to stay in harmony with the radical changes of a world, where the challenge proposed by the festival – make the most of differences, inside and outside of the projection room – is becoming more urgent every day.

This is how the title chosen for this 18th edition - Questioning God. Doubt and Faith – pays homage to the big questions that become more and more important in the passage between adolescence and adulthood. But turning to this antique dialectic is also an opportunity to relaunch comparison between believers of one faith and believers of another, believers and non-believers, crossing the map of diversity without preconceived positions. On the one hand, therefore, faith in terms of a choice, research, commitment, a bridge throwing itself onto the “infinite sea of uncertainty”; on the other hand, doubt in terms of lifeblood which, in agreement with spiritual wisdom common to all the different religious traditions, fills us with faith and keeps it alive, far from the terrible certainties of fundamentalism which will rip our troubled society apart by unexpected and disturbing transformations.

The 55 films of this competition move between these poles, linked to 27 countries in the world and never before so varied in their stories, styles, cultural horizons, with a new section dedicated to migrants and a rich variety of “Far East” productions, whilst the path which links cinema, religions, peace, human rights and relationship continues. The guests, meetings, activities for schools, partnerships, “contaminations” and special events on schedule at the various venues of the Festival are numerous, starting from the opening evening which will bring the music and the peace commitment of Israeli Arab singer Mira Awad to Trento.

From the 9th to the 19th of October, and again in the month of November 2015, Religion Today will therefore continue with conviction on its own ”journey through differences”, in the Trentino region, Merano, Rome and the Nomadelfia community, multiplying the comparison and exchange opportunities always at the heart of a project created also as a “living together workshop”. Moreover, the 18 candles of the festival inspire an international conference intended to deepen the relationship between cinema, cultural and religious otherness. The background of an exchange of good practices and, for the festival, another moment of knowledge, growth, maturity and responsibility.

Religion Today is becoming “big”. Happy birthday!


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