Religion Today: presented at the Muse of Trento a record 23rd edition

Muse - Museo delle Scienze
Saturday, 12 September, 2020

Religion Today: presented at the Muse of Trento a record 23rd edition, with 84 films in competition and the award ceremony of the Italian director Gennaro Nunziante.

Trento, 12 September 2020

The preview of the 23rd Religion Today Film Festival was held at the Muse on Saturday 12 September 2020 , with the participation of a special guest: the award-winning Apulian director Gennaro Nunziante, who opened this edition dedicated to the environment by presenting his latest film "Il Vegetale", with Fabio Rovazzi.

"Earth I Care, Custodians of the Earth" is the title of Religion Today 2020, which this year has 84 films in competition, coming from 44 different countries and selected from more than 1600 entries.

On Saturday 12 September the preview of the new edition of Religion Today Film Festival "Earth I Care, Custodians of the Earth" was launched, dedicated to the environment and the role of the human being as its guardian and scheduled from 23 to 30 September 2020.

The preview event was held for the occasion at the Muse in Trento: the opening press conference chaired by the staff of the BiancoNero association, held in the afternoon at the Muse conference room, also saw the Italian director Gennaro present.

In the evening, in fact, "Il Vegetale" was screened outdoors, Nunziante's latest film, known to the general public for his four feature films starring Checco Zalone: ​​the director introduced this edition dedicated to the environment and the responsibility of humans towards her, helping himself with the images of his film: a film that tells, between one joke and another, the rediscovery of oneself, of the earth and of time. Precisely time, Nunziante recounts "is what our society really lacks, in relation to nature and man".

 Nunziante was also awarded the special prize "The beauty of the theater" by the scientific commission of Religion Today Film Festival, together with Cassa Vaia, a design object made in Trentino, born from the homonymous startup Vaia, which has become a symbol an innovative youth , able to enhance the territory and take care of the environment.

The opening of Religion Today, scheduled at the Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto on Wednesday 23 September, will kick off a record edition: 84 films from 44 different countries and selected from more than 1600. "We have chosen to increase the number  of the films competing as a commitment in this very difficult moment for the professionals "explains the artistic director of the event, Andrea Morghen" is a way to support the efforts of many artists in the world who, due to the pandemic of recent months, are finding themselves  in great difficulty ".

Religion Today, in its twenty years of experience, has always tried to keep up with the times and to tell the reality that surrounds us, starting from the point of view of the different faiths and religions, giving voice and opportunities for comparison to peoples near and far.  "The strong call we heard this year was to talk about the environment, our Earth, which day after day we see more and more in danger, as also demonstrated by the health emergency due to the Coronavirus. Following the example of Greta Thumberg of the young people in the square, protesting and reading the words of Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Be on integral ecology "Morghen presses", “the idea of ​​talking about our responsibilities as custodians of the Earth arose spontaneously from the staff”.  There are many events planned for this edition, even outside the city of Trento: the opening of the Festival with interfaith prayer at the Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto and the one on the Via dei Mille bridge for the Hospitality Week, a day immersed in nature  entirely dedicated to Creation in Primiero, in collaboration with the Diocesan Missionary Center.  There will also be numerous book presentations and the awaited award ceremony in Madonna di Campiglio, at 1750mt, in Malga Ritorto.

This year, a great novelty will also be introduced: a tent in Piazza Fiera, which will be the heart of the Festival where you can meet the directors, talk about Religion Today and view the numerous photographic exhibitions of this edition, specifically: Siblings in sport, with  the Sportfund Foundation of Bologna, on the subject of disability;  an unpublished exhibition on the set of "The nights of Cabiria" and finally the exhibition "Ecologia Integrale" by Raffacle Merler, photographer from Trentino.  Furthermore, to give space to the Trentino excellences, various local startups will be presented during this edition that show particular attention to the environment and our territory, such as the aforementioned Vaia.  Religion Today will be chaired (in person and / or via the web) once again this year by an international jury representing different faiths and cultures, in dialogue with each other: Galina Evtushenko, award-winning Russian director and documentary maker;  Awad Sherif, an eminent personality of the Egyptian art and film scene;  Feride Funda G-Gencaslan, president of the "Sufi Center Rabbaniyya, European Center for Interspiritual and Interfaith Encountersre" in Germany; Oscar Iarussi, professional journalist, essayist, film and literary critic, member of the expert committee of the Venice International Film Festival;  Iwo Bender, Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe for EWTN Tv. Together with the international jury, the directors of the festivals participating in the "Films for our Future" network, of which Religion Today has been a member since 2018, will also be invited to present to the press the  projects for 2021. "We will invite these important national and international personalities to Trento, in compliance with the anti-COVID-19 regulations in force in our and their countries of origin" explains Andrea Morghen, who continues "we are lucky because we will be able to do the Festival live, following the laws on safety and booking in advance for seats in the theater ".  Ways of involvement have already been devised to make the contents of the Festival, which has always paid particular attention to the world of youth, accessible to schools as well: live streaming with film screenings and live discussions with the guests of Religion Today will be organized.

"The staff is continuing to work, despite the difficulties of the period, to offer the public a festival of great quality, because we believe that cinema should return to theaters, as a place for dialogue and meeting" closes the artistic director Morghen.

 Also this year, therefore, Religion Today Film Festival will return to the San Marco Theater and the Modena Cinema to tell stories, faces and images to the Trentino citizens, becoming the spokesperson for the dialogue between religions and cultures;  all in compliance with the safety regulations relating to the national health emergency: to participate in the free screenings, simply book on the eventbrite portal or send an email to All the main events can also be followed via Facebook, on the Festival page.