Article 1

"Religion Today Film Festival" is conceived and organized by the cultural nonprofit Association "BiancoNero", situated in Trento (North Italy), as an international and itinerant festival dedicated to religious cinema for a culture of dialogue and peace.
The 24th edition of the Festival will take place from 22 to 29 September 2021 in Trento; other screenings and special events will be held in other Italian cities. The details will be announced on the Festival's web site at the Programme section.

Article 2

Taking part is free of charge.
Only films produced during the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be admitted.
Films presented in previous years of the Festival are not eligible for the competition.
Feature and animation films and short films and documentaries will be accepted in the following areas:
  • The religious dimension and the younger generations today
  • Inter-religious relations and dialogue
  • Religions, women condition and gender issues
  • Religions, human rights and peacemaking
  • Stories of migration: identity, dialogue an conflict in plural societies


Article 3

The 2021 edition of the Festival will include the followings sections:
  • International competion;
  • Thematic sessions for special awards.
The films admitted to the International competition will be judged by an Inter-religious Jury of experts that will award the Religion Today "In the Spirit of Faith" in memory of Davide Zordan in addition to the prizes for each film category (Best Film, Best Short Film etc). The Jury will also mention, when particularly worthy, other competing works of value.
The directors of nominated films for  the Inter-religiuous Jury will be our guests in Trento.
The awards, consisting of plaques with the gold-plated Religion Today's Dove, will be assigned during a ceremony that will take place in Trento in September 29.
From among all the nominations the SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) Jury will award their prize.
The films admitted to the Thematic sessions will compete for the special awards which will be conferred by Italian technical juries.

Article 4

To enter the contest you must do all the following:
1. fill in the online application form within 31st May 2021.
(a copy of the completed form will be forwarded to the mail address to be indicated);
2. send by e-mail, at the following address:
  • a signed copy of the entry form received by email after the submission: the absence of a signature will imply the exclusion from the contest;
  • a donwloadable file: should the work be in a different language from Italian, you are requested to send it both with English subtitles and with Italian subtitles or without any subtitles;
  • 4 jpeg images from the film (poster, stills, backstage images...);
  • A trailer of the film lasting a maximum 3' would be appreciated.
All the above mentioned materials must reach the Festival organization no later than 31st May 2021 at
Religion Today Film Festival
Via Santa Croce, 63
38122 Trento - Italia

If you send any materials by postal service, please, write on the package "Senza valore commerciale, per soli scopi culturali" (Unmarketable products for cultural purposes only) for customs clearance. Films from non-EU countries must be sent together with all the documents necessary for custom clearance (pro-forma invoice).

Postage of films and other material is at the participant's expense.
The Festival cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damage to the films during transport.

Article 5

Texts and images will be used for publication in the catalogue, on the Festival's Internet site and for any other media in relation to the work of the Festival.
By submitting their works, the copyright owners freely authorize the inclusion of short sequences (no more than 3 minutes) in the local national and international TV-news and TV-programmes and on the internet for the promotion of the Religion Today Film Festival.

Article 6

All works submitted will not be returned but kept as documentation in the festival's archive, created for cultural and educational purposes and located at Religion Today, Via S. Croce 63, 38122 Trento - Italia.

Article 7

Admission to the competition is at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee of the Festival.
The Festival Committee will inform applicants of the admitted works.
In case of admission, the submitters must send to the Festival's address a master copy of the work preferably in one of the following formats: 
  • Hard disk (AVI,MOV,MPEG)
  • Blu-ray Disc
  • downloadable file
Should the master be in a different language from Italian, Italian subtitles must be shown. Alternatively it must be provided with English subtitles and be accompanied by a full Dialogue List in English and possibly by the Italian translation (with timestamp).
The master sent for screening will be returned only on specific request to the Festival Committee.

Article 8

Hire charges cannot be claimed for the screenings of selected films during the Festival's time frame.

Article 9

Authorization to the free screening of the competing work for non-profit cultural and educational purposes and for the promotion of the Festival's goals will be appreciated.
Through its cultural and informative activities, Religion Today promotes the diffusion of the works admitted to the Film Festival among several institutions, beginning with other Festivals in the Trentino region (TrentoFilmFestival, Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico) and with other international Festivals.

Article 10

It is the responsibility of producers, distributors or other subjects presenting the film to be legitimately authorized to enter the film in the Film Festival.
Each film-maker or producer is responsible for the content of their film and, on entering the Festival, must declare all obligations have been fulfilled towards third parties derivable from the use of copyright material.
Application to the competition signifies accepting all the regulations given above.
Personal data will be treated according to the legislative decree of Italian Law n. 196 of 30.06.2003 about Privacy and subsequent modifications and integrations.